Meet Kasia

I believe that health starts from within and I’m here to help you get there.

My Story

Hi there! My name is Kasia. I was born in Poland and came to Australia with my mum, dad and sister when I was a kid. I never did things by the book, quite the opposite. After finishing my psychology degree and social work post-grad, I faced a crossroads typical of my character. I decided that before I committed to working, it was time for me to jump on a plane and jet off.

Unknowing what the future holds, I spent three years in the UK without looking back. While my friends back in Oz were settling into their lives, I was partying and enjoying my freedom but, sadly, at the same time, trashing my body. This lasted until a life-changing scenario came along. I chose to pack up my fond memories of London and Europe and returned home to support my mum, who became ill and was diagnosed with cancer.

Unfortunately, my mother lost her battle with cancer and died at the young age of 56. I was left heartbroken and depressed with the weight of grief on my shoulders. This event shaped my being and my life. Ten years ago, I started reading books about food and lifestyle choices and took courses on properly caring for myself. I learned a great deal from the best individuals in the industry, who helped me make positive changes in my life. I focused on what was going into my body and how I should treat my body inside and out. My life has changed since then.

In 2017, I studied iridology and sclerology in Bali at Tyler Tolman’s Heal Thy Self Academy. This added a layer to my health knowledge and allowed me to analyze the eyes of individuals and their health weaknesses. I also have undertaken further studies in Nutrition and Exercise to promote the above and develop programs related to all that is health. As a social worker by trade, I love working with others and hearing about people’s journeys. Still, the health warrior I have become and the health nerd within me drive me to share my knowledge and make this world healthier.

Not so long ago, life tested me again. My youngest one, almost three, developed eczema. Her skin condition worsened by the day. And after countless appointments with doctors and specialists, I was left feeling powerless against the disease. I felt more confused than ever and received little guidance in helping her. I felt like I was drowning in information about my daughter’s skin condition. I couldn’t find any answers. 

One day, I picked her up from daycare and saw how swollen her face was and how red she was all over. That’s when I made an internal promise to myself that I would find a way to help her using every power I had in me. I decided to learn everything I could about my daughter’s eczema and how to treat it holistically.  A year later after researching holistic remedies and implementing them into our routine, she’s happy and itch-free.

I am taking up Darkfield Blood Microscopy training course to boost my diagnostic skills and help my patients identify the triggers of eczema. Through this course, I hope to learn more about their gut health and how it relates to their skin condition. In this way, I will be able to provide better care for my patients. I am also continuing with iridology course to be able to register globally so I can widen the scope of people that needs health intervention.

Finally, I am the mother of two beautiful girls. My daughters challenge me, strain my patience and take up most of my time. But they love me unconditionally and make my life happier. Thanks to them and my mum, I have found my purpose and calling. These three most important women in my life helped me align with the eight principles of health. Oh, I live with my husband, who also asked me to mention him. My story apparently sounded like I am a single mum – which I am not! We have been married for six years.